First successfull BYCROSS case in Groningen, The Netherlands

Thanks to our partner Angiocare. Congrats to Job Oldenziel, Jean-Paul de Vries and their surgical team from Interventional Radiology department for conducting 3 successfull BYCROSS cases in Groningen.


"We wish to congratulate Job Oldenziel, Jean-Paul de Vries and their team from the Interventional Radiology department of UMCG with their first three cases, and first ever in The Netherlands, of rotational atherectomy with Bycross from plus medica with a special thanks to Maike Pöhls and Alan Immendorf for their support.

-The BYCROSS is a 6F bi-directional rotational atherectomy catheter that is inserted into the peripheral arterial vascular system via a guidewire and an introducer sheath to restore chronically occluded vessels.
-The BYCROSS catheter consists of a coaxial, flexible, rotating shaft with an expandable tip. The BYCROSS device is battery powered. The calcified material is aspirated via an integrated pump and discharged into a collection bag.

All interventions went smoothly without complications and final angiograms showed a good result."


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