New publication for blueflow


blueflow has confirmed impressively its superiority over laser-cut stents when used below the inguinal ligament. Our sincere thanks go to the venous teams of University of Zürich and Klinikum Hochsauerland Arnsberg.


  • Type of Research: Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected registry data
  • Key Findings: The 1-year primary patency rate for 150 patients with post-thrombotic syndrome and common femoral vein stents was 67.3% (95% confidence interval, 58.0%-76.6%) for patients with laser-cut nitinol stents and 86.7% (95% confidence interval, 75.3%-98.1%) for patients with braided nitinol stents used to cross the inguinal ligament. Stent fractures were observed in four patients (4%) with laser-cut stents but did not occur in patients with braided stents.
  • Take Home Message: Braided nitinol stents might be less prone to fracture and reocclusion at the inguinal ligament compared with laser-cut nitinol stents.

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