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Self Expanding Nitinol Stent

The Jaguar self-expanding nitinol stent with a delivery system is recommended for percutaneous intravascular deployment in patients with atherosclerotic, radiation and trauma-induced stenoses. It is a product of the engineers and physicians and encompasses all newest materials, technologies and trends in design of vascular stents. 


The Jaguar is valued by specialists in vascular interventions because it allows the broad spectrum of angioplastic approaches including the “cross-over” technique. Unlike most of the currently available stents the position of Jaguar self-expanding stent not only can be modified during the intravascular deployment, but also it can be safely withdrawn and repositioned during the same medical procedure. The soft and rounded tip of delivery system is atraumatic towards the arterial wall. 


The Jaguar stent easily adapts it’s shape to the arterial wall and does not dislocate itself after deployment. The elasticity of the stent as well as flexibility of the delivery system allows the use of Jaguar even in tortuous vessels.


  • • Made of nitinol wire (NiTi) - material with higher biocompatibility and corrosion resistance than medical grade AISI 316L stainless steel
  • • Manufactured in single-wire technique, without welding seams.
  • • The special design of the stent ensures good adhesion to the arterial wall
  • • Platinum markings on the stent ends for better visualization allow for precise implantation.
  • • Special design of the delivery system allows correction of the stent position even after partial stent release
  • • Raised stent ends eliminate the fish mouth effect and stent migration
  • • High radial force
  • • Due to its outstanding flexibility, the "Jaguar" stent adapts to extreme vessel curvatures.

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