Atherectomy Catheter

The BYCROSS is a 6F bi-directional rotational atherectomy catheter that is inserted into the peripheral arterial vascular system via a guidewire and an introducer sheath to restore chronically occluded vessels.

The BYCROSS catheter consists of a coaxial, flexible, rotating shaft with an expandable tip. The BYCROSS device is battery powered. The calcified material is aspirated via an integrated pump and discharged into a collection bag.

Product information

bycross is a trademark of Taryag Medical.

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  • Dedicated guidewires are not required.
  • No need to pass the occlusion with a guidewire.
  • Contrast media can be applied without removing the BYCROSS and the guidewire.
  • Unique catheter tip configuration for removal of calcified material.
  • No capital equipment required.


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