Set for varicose veins treatment

Flebogrif is a set for varicose veins treatment based on the mechano-chemical obliteration of GSV and SSV. Flebogrif is a catheter with retractable scratching elements used to damage the venous inner wall along with the controlled injection of sclerosing agent.


The procedure is minimally invasive, safe and performed in ambulatory conditions without need of hospitalization. Only local anesthesia improves patient’s comfort and possibility to quick recover and return to daily activities.


  • • No thermal action
  • • No tumescent anesthesia
  • • Absence of peri-procedural and post-operative pain (no need for hospitalization)
  • • User and environment-friendly
  • • No need to invest in additional MD
  • • No delivery of extra energy to the patient (like RF and EVLT)
  • • Short procedure and quick recovery
  • • Excellent cosmetic and long-lasting result

Brochure Flebogrif

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